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Hey there, I'm Kevin Tanzyl !

A Web Developer Building Awesome Webapps And Websites That Powers The Internet

About Me 🧑

Here you will find information about me and a list of my current skills in programming

Personal Summary

I'm a highly motivated junior web developer with a year of experience in creating visually stunning and functionally impressive websites. I'm passionate about blending design and functionality to deliver a user-friendly experience that exceeds client expectations. I have the skills to create responsive layouts that look great on any device, and I'm committed to translating your ideas into an engaging online presence. Let's work together to bring your website dreams to life.Come and have a look at my projects below and see my blog for my learning takeaways!

My Skills 💪

  • html
  • css
  • javascript
  • react
  • typescript
  • git
  • vscode
  • tailwind
  • styled components
  • sass
  • firebase
  • figma

Projects 🛠️

Here you will find some of the personal projects that I created with the project details

Coffee Roasters Site

Coffee Roasters Website

This is a coffee beans ordering website, where users can easily create a coffee subscription with their preferred selection of beans. The website is built using React and TypeScript, with routing facilitated via React Router, and styled using CSS Modules.The website also includes an order summary modal that allows users to review their selected options before finalizing their order. In the future, there are plans to implement a register and login page, as well as a shopping cart function to enhance the user experience.

English flashcard app

English Flashcards App

This is a flashcard app designed to help ES students revise their vocabulary. The app is built using React and TypeScript, with styling achieved through styled-components. The main flashcard data is stored in Firebase, enabling easy access and editing of deck layout and content. Code was refactored by creating a custom hook to hold all the common business logic.With this app, students can easily revise cards that require further attention, as well as remove cards they have already learned from their deck. It is highly accessible as students will be able to access it not just on their school tablets, but on their home devices as well.

PayAPI landing page

PayAPI Mock Website

A mock API service website built with NextJS, styled with Tailwind with form validation via React Hook Forms for contact request. Contact data and inquiries are handled and stored via MongoDB Atlas.



This is a quiz app built using React, TypeScript, and styled-components that pulls quiz data from the Open Trivia Database. The app provides users with a set of five questions to answer, complete with answer checking functionality for added convenience.

Contact 📞

Feel free to Contact me by via email or Linkedin and I will get back to you as soon as possible! Also see my Github for more projects!